Services - Targeted Analysis

Clerus Solutions customers have asked us to conduct intensive, targeted analyses on a variety of topics, and we have delivered.

  • Clerus Solutions performed an analysis of the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s organizational structure and service delivery methods, making recommendations for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their driver license issuance program.
  • For the State of Mississippi, under the DL/ID Verification Systems (DIVS) Program, we created a Privacy and Security framework, which included the establishment of program policies that are built on Federal and State standards, and have conducted annual assessments based on those policies.
  • We conducted Privacy Impact Analysis of various document verification systems for Mississippi.
  • Clerus Solutions authored the DHS REAL ID Security Plan Guidance Handbook for the US Department of Homeland Security, which DHS distributed to all US driver licensing jurisdictions as guidance for REAL ID compliance.
  • For AAMVA, we gathered and analyzed requirements from State titling agencies, vehicle manufacturers and vehicle dealers and defined a Proof of Concept for e-titling of new vehicles.
  • For the State of Mississippi, under the DIVS Program, we have conducted evaluations of and created best practice documents for various document verification programs.
  • We created an in-depth analysis of the Real ID final rule for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, detailing each requirement and its implications on driver license issuance agencies. This analysis was made available to all States by USDHS to further their understanding of the Rule.