Services - Security Planning and Gap Analysis

Clerus Solutions offers comprehensive analysis and planning services in a variety of areas. Our previous efforts have varied from assisting a State in improving the security of its driver licensing program to developing plans and staffing estimates for transferring a program from local to State operation. Whether your organization is initiating a new program or enhancing an existing one, Clerus can assist you with making your program a success.

Clerus personnel are PMP certified with extensive project management experience, particularly with inter-agency programs. Their years of experience with systems such as the National Driver Register (NDR), Problem Driver Pointer System (PDPS) and the Commercial Driver License Information System (CDLIS) demonstrate expertise in areas such as requirements definition, scalable information system design and integration, standards development, and a sophisticated understanding of information security and privacy issues. Notably, much of their work has involved getting diverse organizations working together to achieve common goals.

Clerus uses a structured approach to improvement planning that draws upon extensive program management skills to ensure the analysis and planning effort is thorough and produces useful results. The process begins with a thorough assessment of the current organization and ends with delivery of a clear, concise improvement plan that reflects the needs of the customer.

Assessment of the Current Situation

Review and Evaluate Existing Documents – Clerus begins its process by reviewing all existing documents defining your organization’s policies, procedures, and plans that may be affected by the improvement program. We also review any applicable standards, best practices, etc. and compare those with the organization’s documents. Clerus then presents the results of this analysis to the customer for discussion and comment. This results in recommendations for changes for the customer organization’s existing documentation.

Develop Specific Inspection Checklist - Upon approval of any recommended changes, Clerus will develop an inspection program specific to your organization. The purpose of this inspection is to determine the current state of affairs in the areas where change may be needed.

The heart of this effort is the development of a checklist used to gather information about your organization’s activities and facilities. This checklist will be provided in an electronic form that is an efficient and user friendly tool for recording the results of each site inspection. This electronic form provides the backbone of an automated survey tool that can be used to organize, analyze, and monitor survey results. This automated survey tool is uniquely customized to your organization.

Surveys and Training

Validation – Clerus will partner with key members of your organization to conduct preliminary inspections using the survey tool developed for your organization. These preliminary inspections are used to validate the accuracy and completeness of the survey tool.

Inspections – Once the survey tool has been validated, it is ready for use in surveying your organization. The Clerus staff is prepared to conduct these surveys, but your organization may prefer to use its own staff.

Inspector Training – If your own staff will be doing the inspections, Clerus is prepared to support that choice. Clerus will develop a curriculum and train your staff on how to conduct the inspections and document the findings using the tool. In addition, Clerus will monitor the survey results for any missing or indeterminate information and will support state inspectors as needed.

Gap Analysis

Develop Security Gap Analysis - As inspections are conducted and data is entered into the survey tool, the inspectors will recognize areas where a gap exists between what exists and what is desired. When a gap is recognized, it is recorded in the tool so it can be tracked to resolution.

When all surveys are entered completely and clearly, Clerus will review the survey results to ensure that all gaps have been recorded. Clerus will then perform a gap analysis looking for trends and similarities in the gaps reported. The result of the gap analysis is and a report that organizes and describes the gaps between current practices and what is desired and suggests ways of eliminating the gaps.

Practical Improvement Planning

Develop Improvement Plan – As the final step in the process, Clerus will work closely with your team to develop solutions for each of the problems identified and to document these solutions in an improvement plan. During this phase, Clerus will collaborate with the customer to ensure the development of solutions that are viable and to outline the steps necessary to implement each solution.

This plan will provide your agency with a blueprint that will provide the steps you will need to take in order to move your organization from where it is to where it wants to be.