Services - Policy Compliance

Compliance Planning Assessment and Attainment

State MVAs find themselves under increasing scrutiny and pressure to comply with federally mandated and State-adopted policies and procedures. Whether it be driven by external stakeholders, such as federal agencies or State-side leadership, MVAs are expected to attain and exhibit ongoing compliance across many varied subject areas. Highway safety and protection of PII are two key goals associated with States attaining policy and procedural compliance which are driving increased pressure and visibility. Examples of State policy compliance considerations include compliance with:

How Clerus Solutions can help your MVA

Clerus Solutions is uniquely positioned to assist States with their compliance needs. Each of our staff members has worked within the motor vehicle community for over 25 years at both the State and federal level, and brings significant expertise to the table. Some of our previous efforts include:

  • Development of the AAMVA card security standards
  • Authoring of the REAL Id Security Plan Guidance Handbook for DHS
  • Development of a REAL Id Checklist for State compliance
  • Program management oversight for the State to State Pilot Program
  • Creation of self-inspection programs and tools for State self-evaluation of driver license issuance operations and facilities

Clerus can support your MVA needs in any, or all, of the following areas:

  • Acquisition of funding by assisting with grant applications
  • Assessment, attainment and maintenance of existing federal program compliance requirements, including REAL ID, State to State and/or the CDL-program
  • Assessment, attainment and maintenance of State policies and procedures by developing checklists, self-inspection programs and tools and training staff
  • Program and/or project management

Please contact, to discuss how Clerus Solutions can make compliance an attainable and ongoing reality for your State.