Services - Efficient Collaboration

From ensuring that all required activities are identified, to setting achievable schedules, developing reporting parameters and managing realistic expectations - Clerus Solutions can provide a means to ensure you can successfully reach your goals within realistic budget constraints.

Experienced Facilitation and Consensus Building

Clerus Solutions is an industry leader in facilitating meetings for specialty focus groups. Our facilitation approach is simple – provide a neutral structure to support discussion and accomplish the established goals of our client in a positive and productive manner. We do this by:

  • Consultation with the client to determine the purpose and desired outcome of the meeting
  • Understanding group dynamics and recognizing attendee expertise
  • Establishing open dialogue and two-way communication
  • Encouraging active participation and valuing contributions
  • Identifying common goals and setting attainable expectations
  • Fostering solutions that incorporate diverse opinions
  • Providing results-based business documentation

State and federal government programs have their own unique considerations. In this complex environment, laws, regulations and the political process need to be considered when defining and implementing a program. Because of our background, we understand these factors and can bring to bear our years of experience making State and federal programs successful.

Let Clerus Solutions help your stakeholders build positive relationships, understand common objectives, reach consensus, and plan for future achievements to be accomplished as a unit rather than individually.

Communication and Collaboration

Clerus Solutions is an expert at providing effective, efficient communication and collaboration among program stakeholders, regardless of where they reside. Our experience using on-line collaboration tools, such as GoToMeeting and SharePoint, minimizes client time out of the office and travel expenses while facilitating the exchange of vital information and the establishment of deliverables that meet client needs.

Once the collaboration and communication take place, our customers need deliverables that are clear and understandable and that move their programs forward. Clerus excels at crafting deliverables that (1) accurately reflect the direction set by the customer and (2) can be understood by anyone that takes the time to read them.

Clerus specializes in developing results-based, business documentation that communicates to diverse groups of stakeholders, administrators and end-users.