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Key Considerations of MVA Compliance within the Commercial Driver Licensing (CDL) Program.

FMCSA places significant importance on State compliance with CDL Program rules and regulations. It has developed policies, procedures and guidelines to evaluate State adherence to CDL requirements, and measures compliance on an ongoing basis by monitoring and measuring State activities against FMCSRs. FMCSA has the authority to withhold highway safety funds from a given State if it deems that State to be out of compliance.

Visit FMCSA's compliance page to learn more about CDL Program compliance requirements.

Key aspects of compliance include:

  • Data quality as it relates to pointer content, driver history, and conviction/withdrawal details
  • Driver License Compacts
  • Timeliness and accuracy as it relates to reporting convictions and withdrawals, resolving potential duplicates, and successfully completing the Change State of Record process, and
  • Compliance with current and past FMCSA rulings such as CDLIS Modernization, the CDL Permit & Testing Rule, Medical Certification and National Registry rulemakings, driver license and other MAP-21 and FAST Act requirements

Maintaining CDL compliance is an ongoing challenge for many States. Limited resources, demanding legislative mandates and loss of institutional knowledge are all contributing factors to the challenges a State faces when trying to accommodate new and existing CDL requirements. While grant funds are available through FMCSA to enable States to implement changes, financial assistance alone is often not enough to offset the ongoing obstacles States face.

How Clerus Solutions can help your MVA

Clerus Solutions is uniquely poised to assist States with meeting their CDL compliance needs. Each of our staff members has worked within the motor vehicle community for over 25 years at both the State and federal level. Our familiarity with the licensing process, along with our in-depth knowledge of the CDL program, allows us to hit the ground running day one of engagement.

Clerus can support your MVA needs in any, or all, of the following areas:

  • Acquisition of funding by assisting with grant applications
  • Improvement of data quality by determining root cause of issues and developing corrective action
  • Improvement of timeliness and accuracy of updates to the service, including resolution of potential duplicates and completion of suspended CSOR transactions
  • Attainment and maintenance of existing program compliance requirements
  • Incorporation of new program requirements into existing business processes and technical flows, and
  • Program and/or project management

Clerus staff have in-depth knowledge of the State motor vehicle business domain, including driver, vehicle and verification services. Among other things, our staff was instrumental in the nationwide deployment of the Problem Driver Pointer System (PDPS), the CDLIS Modernization effort, the Digital Image Exchange, the creation of the AAMVA Code Dictionary (ACD), the AAMVA Card Design Specifications, and most recently, the successful deployment of State to State Verification Service across 14 jurisdictions. Clerus staff has facilitated numerous Working Group and Committee activities involving both state and federal stakeholders, and continues to work with FMCSA, NHTSA, DHS and MVAs throughout the country on a number of highway safety and fraud prevention initiatives.

Please contact, to discuss how Clerus Solutions can make CDL compliance an ongoing and attainable reality for your State.