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Key Considerations of MVA Compliance to REAL ID

All motor vehicle agencies acknowledge the importance of establishing minimum security standards for State-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards. Many States have opted to achieve security standards by seeking compliance with the requirements of the REAL ID Act, which was passed by Congress in 2005 and establishes a set of minimum security standards surrounding the issuance process. In recent years, USDHS has established firm deadlines for states to become compliant. States must either achieve compliance or be granted an extension no later than January 22, 2018. Full compliance must be achieved no later than October 1, 2020.

How Clerus Solutions can help your MVA

Clerus Solutions is uniquely positioned to assist States with their REAL ID compliance needs. Each of our staff members has worked within the motor vehicle community for over 25 years at both the State and federal level, and offers significant expertise to assist states. Some of our previous efforts include:

  • Authoring the REAL ID Security Plan Guidance Handbook for DHS
    Clerus was hired by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to develop the REAL ID Security Handbook that all States are using to prepare security and compliance plans. Clerus staff understand the fundamental tenants of the act as well as the nuances of the rules and requirements defined by USDHS.
  • Developing REAL ID Checklists, Assessments and Compliance Plans
    Clerus has assisted States with the review of policies, development of security plans, site inspections, staff training, gap analysis assessments against the plans and development of REAL ID compliance plans for submission to USDHS.
  • Providing program management oversight, evaluation and assessment of key verification services to enable States to comply with various REAL ID requirements
    Under the DIVS Verification Service Program, thirty-two (32) States collaborated to provide a suite of identity verification services needed by each State to implement the tenants of the REAL ID program and to strengthen the integrity of all State-issued Driver License and Identification card credentials. The services were piloted and evaluated, uncovering numerous ways to deter and detect fraud during the issuance of a driver license. One such service is known as the State to State (S2S) Verification service. Clerus assisted fourteen (14) States with the implementation and evaluation of the S2S service.

Clerus can support your REAL ID compliance needs in any, or all, of the following areas:

  • Acquisition of funding by assisting with grant applications
  • Assessment of current practices in relation to the REAL ID Program, including an initial GAP analysis and recommended solutions
  • Development of checklists and/or self-inspection programs and tools to allow for self-monitoring
  • Preparation of a REAL ID Security Plan for submission to DHS
  • Management of the execution of the REAL ID Security Plan to attain and maintain compliance
  • Program and/or project management

Whether seeking compliance with REAL ID or other policies, Clerus staff can help your organization achieve your goals.

Please contact to discuss how Clerus can serve as a trusted advisor to your agency.