Welcome to Clerus Solutions

Welcome to Clerus Solutions LLC. Since 2006, Clerus has built a nationwide reputation for success, using a stable, proven workforce. In that short time, Clerus has taken two national programs from concept to maturity. We have had equal success working on projects that are smaller in scope as well. Government agencies in every US state and territory, and at the federal level, have benefited from our work.

The key to our success is planning. We have several PMP Certified Project Managers on staff that ensure the right steps are taken, at the right time. Keeping customer management informed of progress is a cornerstone of our approach to every project. The majority of our projects to date have involved working with a diverse set of stakeholders to solicit requirements and reach consensus on major issues. We have successfully guided both intra-state and inter-state programs and we have worked with such diverse stakeholders as trucking companies, union representatives, highway safety advocates, vehicle manufacturers, vehicle dealers, financial institutions, and state and federal government agencies.

We have also had success getting state and county governments to discuss long standing concerns and work toward recommended changes that make sense from a customer service and government efficiency standpoint. Clerus Solutions is technology and vendor neutral and we don’t believe in cookie cutter solutions. We have found that the best approach to meeting customer needs is to listen carefully to the customer and base solutions on those specific needs. Since our customers and program stakeholders are often geographically dispersed across the country or across a state, we have significant experience using collaboration tools and techniques that allow progress to be made regardless of where people reside. This approach greatly reduces travel expenses and time lost while traveling. Clerus Solutions’ skills, approach, dedication and professionalism can make any program successful!